day 3 of our 2013 orlando vacation

magic kingdom

magic kingdom

I am just being true with the website, I am posting now the continuation of our Orlando, Florida vacation from last year. This was our third day and we decided to spend the Christmas eve at the Magic Kingdom. We also had a dinner reservation at the Crystal Palace, overlooking the the famous castle in Disney. However, not from where we were seated. During our booking, my wife was told that they will be controlling the people getting into the park and they will prioritize the people with dinner reservation. They lied. When we arrived at the park that morning, we took the ferry ride (the picture shown above was taken during the ferry ride), and we found tons of people getting into the park. There were no crowd control, there were nobody screening for parties with dinner reservation. We could have just opted out of the dinner reservation and ate some place else. We took obligatory pictures at the main entrance, Let the Memories Begin. It was crowded that we literally had to wait or just cut out the pictures in the post process. Inside the park was even crowded, you can barely move. Lucky for us we all have cell phones, the kids are older and they went their own ways. They were doing the rides, my wife and myself were just strolling and taking the scenic attractions. We just had a big mistake waiting in line for a picture with the pixies, we were stuck and just sucked it up after waiting for a while. It was a nice experience all in all discounting the insane crowd. Now, I can add this to the Disney’s that I have visited: twice in Euro Disney; once in Tokyo Disney and not Magic Kingdom in Orlando. It was our first time together here, their second my first. I took pictures most of the time and videos towards the closing of the park using my trusted Sony A99. Check them out here.

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