30 april 2014

dinner at king bee restaurant

dinner at king bee restaurant

My mother’s birthday continued the next day at King Bee Restaurant in Santa Rosa, Laguna for dinner celebration. It was organized by my mom’s friends from the church where she serves as usherette, they booked the place and invited mom’s friends and we just invited relatives over from my mom’s side as well as my father’s side of the family. It was unfortunate that others were not able to make it.

There were no planned program for the small celebration but my brother and I just took the mic and the stage to say something on our mom’s 70th birthday. Of course we thank our Lord for gracing our mom her birthday and praying for more to come. We also, thanked our aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews, friends,and priests from their parish who were in attendance.

I guess it snow balled into people coming forward to say something. I did not know that my father can dance even for a bit when he asked my mom to dance after he gave his thanks. Her friends also brought a birthday cake for her, that just showed that her sons knew nothing about organizing or planning something (we are guys and we know nothing of sorts, well i need to have an excuse).

Of course before, during and after dinner, as always pictures were taken. Above was family picture of those who were able to attend, click the picture or just click here for other pictures.

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