29 april 2014

sofitel luncheon

sofitel luncheon

Tita Rosita and the rest of my cousins from Australia has arranged a luncheon on my mom’s birthday at Sofitel. I could not thank them enough for what they have done on my mom’s birthday and the expenses that came with it. The occasion also was the reunion of Tita Rosita’s brothers and sisters minus Tita Cristy, Tita Lolit and Tito Boy and their families.

It was a buffet lunch and I kid you not, my stomach could not have picked a better time to be upset. I was not feeling well that time and I could barely eat anything. I would have killed the sushi but it was their lucky day.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and getting themselves full, I envied them. Tita Lolit made an appearance during lunch via Skype, we were able to talk to her for a long time, thank you internet.  After lunch, we moved our get together outside at the pool side. Grabbed some tonic water to calm my stomach, while my brother on the other hand ordered buckets and buckets of beer. I told Peter that he did not have some sleep yet and he started drinking beer when he got home from the airport.

We spent most of our time by the pool taking pictures and talking while the kids were in the pool. Tito Boy made an appearance via Skype that time and we were able to talk with him and asked him to get himself on a plane to Manila. I thought he said yes, but that did not happen, too much work I supposed.

Later in the afternoon, my cousins on my mom’s side dropped by to join in our get together. I have not seen them in 8 years and I was glad to see them and finding out that they have families of their own. Time flies when you were having fun because sun was setting and it was another picturesque day by the bay again.

I only took several pictures compared to what my brother and cousins took that day. Click the above picture or just click here to see other pictures.

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