28 april 2014

laLoma North Cemetery

laLoma North Cemetery

The picture above was taken at the La Loma North Cemetery in Manila where my grandparents on my father side were buried. This was my second time to visit them in the cemetery and it was my aunt’s first time.

My aunt’s visit to her parents’ (my grandparents) resting place gave her some sort of closure. It was an emotional scene and her brothers and sisters as well as her daughters, nephews and nieces gave her comfort.

However, being in the cemetery also gave me some feeling of sadness because of what I saw inside the cemetery. The people were using the cemetery as their home. How can one live in the cemetery? I cannot wrap my head around how people use this sacred resting place to be their home, however, I do think that if they had a choice they would not have lived there.

It was sad because the government has no solutions for these people who were in essence squatting there. Or does the government still care for them? For most of us,  one would wonder how were they able to live in such conditions, where do they get their basic utilities?

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