last day in canada


I have forgotten to talk about Cooper, our dog. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier and we brought him along with us to Canada. My daughter took a picture of him while we were crossing the border. We were telling him that he does not have a passport and he may be detained. His face was so worried and  when we were at the security gate, he went down my daughter’s lap and under her legs. It was his first time leaving the country, but he always tag along with us when we’re going on  a long trip.

We left him at a kennel somewhere near Niagara. The place was great, each dog gets to sleep on a bed (like a little tyke’s car bed). Can’t wait to pick up Cooper after being away for so long. We still have some time to kill before we picked him up, and we went to see Niagara’s Park Butterfly Conservation. My kids went to see the butterfly while my wife and I went to stroll in the garden. She brought her lanzones (a Filipino fruit she bought last night in Toronto), she might as well eat those since she won’t be able to bring them across the border.

We met up with the kids and strolled the other side of the garden and took pictures as we strolled along. After that long walk, we then took late lunch and went to pick up Cooper, who for the first time did not want to leave the kennel. We guessed he liked to be with Canadian dogs and the kennel. Please click here for the pictures or just click the picture above.