day 6 of our 2013 orlando vacation

harry potter

harry potter

Coming to the conclusion of our vacation at Orlando, Florida. Since we have a +1 on our 2 day ticket for the Universal, my kids chose to go back to Island of Adventure all because of Wizarding world of Harry Potter.

My kids separated from us as soon as we enter the theme park, my wife and myself walked around and went first to areas we have not visited the first time like Dr. Zeus. And we met up with our kids at Harry Potter. I bought another one of those butter beer, the frozen version which I liked better.

My kids said that the Harry Potter area was closed earlier because there were so many people and they tried to control those who visit. It was so fortunate that when my wife and myself went there the area was already opened.

The above picture was the castle or was it the school in Harry Potter. Click the picture or click here to see other pictures I have taken.

Can’t wait to pick up Cooper tomorrow.


day 5 of our 2013 orlando vacation



We got back to our condo yesterday around 2 AM and we rested so that we can attend the Christmas day mass at a nearby church. After the mass we went home, ate our lunch and then drove around to check out some movies.

We ended up going to Universal theaters where the attractions were and chose to watch 47 Ronin. I was surprised that they serve alcohol in the movie theater but they tagged you and there was a max of just two drinks.

Anyway, for our day 5 we went to Epcot. It was a different experience from the other attractions because you have the chance to visit several countries: United States; Canada; England; France; Japan; and others (I have to check her passport). My wife bought the passport attraction, where she did had them stamp at each theme. We actually spent more time in Japan where we ate lunch and dinner and did some souvenir shopping.

Picture above is the famous structure in Epcot. There was a time machine ride inside this structure where you see the past then the future. It was a nice ride.

Click here to see the pictures taken at the theme park.

from home to work

Shown Above is my typical commute from home to work. Travel time is usually 30 minutes without traffic, about 14 miles one way. The video was taken using the back route because the highway proved to be always backed up during early morning commute.

My primary purpose for this upload is to show and share my daily commute to my parents and families so that they would have a sense of how the drive here. I know in the Philippines, specifically Manila, it’s pretty chaotic and it seems that there’s no order. The video was edited to be fast because you don’t want to stare at your computer for the actual time I spent driving, would you?