halloween at layos’

layos' halloween

layos’ halloween

I am posting this long awaited pictures, I hope, taken during a Halloween party at Layos’ residence. It was so nice for them to host it at their residence again. There was so much food courtesy of all those who attended and the host, pot luck is always best to get the party started. Also, almost everybody were in costumes.

There was also another party that our family usually attend every year, another friend’s birthday (from another group). It’s always a struggle when you are faced with such situation. I chose to go to the Layos’ since I was not able to go there last year.

I really don’t grasp the whole idea of Halloween, celebrating the ghouls and hideous. However, kids and adults alike loved it. Was it because of the treats the children get and the adults get o wear costumes and throw parties?

Above was taken in the basement where the kids hung out, In this shot I had the flash off camera and put it on the floor to get the ghoulish feel. Click here for other pictures.


bryn athyn

bryn athyn

bryn athyn

For this month, our photography club (Gloucester County Photography Club) opted to go to Bryn Athyn Cathedral in Bryn Athyn, Pennyslvania to shoot instead of our usual club meetings. It was a nice day to be outside and take pictures. However, we were a few weeks late because most of the leaves are gone and the fall colors were not as colorful as it was. But we still did manage to make the best of it because the Cathedral and the surroundings were wonderful.

 I brought my tripod and my wired trigger which proved to be helpful shooting landscapes. I also thought that setting up my camera on manual focus was great specially with the peaking feature in my Sony Alpha 99. What the peaking feature does is to display a color on the image you are trying to focus on (the color shows on the edges depicting the image in focus). It was really easier using manual focus with this feature. In addition, when using a macro lens stick with a tripod. Most of my handheld shots on shallow DOF are blurry and were not deemed to be shown.

The above picture was a combination of 5 exposures and merged in CS5. Though, I did not process them as HDR. After merging in CS5, I saved it and opened in Lightroom 5 and finished up the post processing using onOne software. Click here to see the other pictures (or should I say the ones that made the cut).

That day was my second time being there. My first time was by accident, when my family moved from Bensalem to Warminster (both town are in Pennsylvania) we were looking for a Catholic church one Sunday morning and we happened to go to Bryn Athyn Cathedral. We went inside the church in the middle of the service and we were surprised (i guess as well as the people inside). We immediately went out because I immediately recognized that it was not a Catholic church.


blessing of pets

cooper's blessing

cooper’s blessing

The day after my son’s birthday, our parish – Infant Jesus, conducted a blessing for the pets after the 1130 AM mass. After the mass, we hurried back home to get Cooper.

I thought that it would be a quick drive since we are about 10 minutes away from the church, but it was not to be. My son took Cooper out and he was confident that the dog will just go straight to the car. Well he was boasting that every time he leaves for school, he will take the dog out without the leash and Cooper will go straight to the car and climb inside the back seat. I guess that time was different, when the dog got out he went straight to the backyard (and we did not have a fence) and straight to the wooded area. It took us a long time to get him back, actually the dog came back or came out on his own.

Had to drive hurriedly to the church and we had minutes to spare. There were a lot of dogs and a few cats. Our dog was so hyper and could not keep still. I guess it’s understandable since he’s still a puppy.

If I was not mistaken, the blessing was because of Saint Francis’ feast day a few days ago and just delayed the blessing for that Sunday. It went well, Father King, the priest who officiated the blessing was so good with the animals and was not bothered by them. There was a photographer on site but I took a few shots of my own.