shopping cart

shopping cart

walmart shopping cart

How would you feel when you see shopping carts left in empty parking spaces or beside your car? How would you feel when one of these things roll and hit your vehicle? I don’t know about you but I get angry and annoyed about this because of how inconsiderate those people are. This is just a simple thing that a lot of people can’t do (is it the same thing in other places?), putting back the shopping carts back to where they should belong. Look at the picture I shot above, the cart is literally a few feet away from the cart corral, but heck, the person who did this must have been that too lazy to bring it back or has a physical disability to walk it back there.

I shot this during a nice summer afternoon, imagine how the parking lot would be when it’s raining or when there is snow.

nuclear reactor

nuclear reactor

limerick nuclear reactor

Last month after our visit to Padre Pio Shrine in Barto, PA, few of us decided to stop by Philadelphia Premium Outlets at Limerick, PA. Personally, I don’t like going to the outlets not unless it’s electronics or anything camera related.

The drive to Barto along Route 422 West, I noticed these two huge structures spouting white smoke or should I say steam. The structures look intimidating from a distance and thinking that they are nuclear reactors it makes it even scarier. Then when we drove to the outlet, those huge structures are a lot bigger because they are a few miles away from the outlet. The photo above was taken from the parking lot facing the reactors.

I know that the white smoke coming out of those two huge stacks are steam generated from water used to cool the reactors, but I decided to process them darker because of what they represent. Though they give 0 carbon footprint compared to other energy resources, they pose a potential threat like the one in Chernobyl or the Three Mile Island. Click here to get more information about Limerick Generating Station.


sinulog – philadelphia 2013

philadelphia sinulog 2013

sinulog 2013 at philadelphia

Sinulog is a popular feast in Cebu (City in Central Philippines) in honor of Señor Santo Niño (Child Jesus). This is a yearly festival in the Philippines were people take to the street in celebration of the Child Jesus.

Here is a little history about the celebration:

When Magellan (a portugese explorer) discovered the Philippines back in  1521, they landed in the island of Cebu carrying with them the image of the Child Jesus. The image was then presented to the Hara Amihan (wife of Rajah Humabon). She was later named Queen Juana after baptism to Roman Catholic Church. Other rulers as well as several hundred natives were also baptised. It was said that after receiving the holy image, it was said that she danced with joy bearing the image of the Child Jesus. Other people saw her and followed her. This moment was regarded as the first Sinulog.

The celebration of Sinulog in the Philippines are colorful and loud. People celebrate on the streets and there are dancing and lots drum beats, all for the Child Jesus. And of course, the food will always be ever present (there can never be a celebration without food).

Though the Sinulog here in Philadelphia was not as grand as the one in Cebu, but there were still a lot of devotees from all over the United States and Canada that came by bus load. One thing I noticed, there were more people last year than this year. As for next year, that remains to be seen if I will be available to attend another one.

I was able to take several shots during the event, click here to see other shots.

padre pio

shrine of padre pio

shrine of padre pio

One Saturday last August, we planned to visit the shrine of Padre Pio located at Barto, Pennsylvania. We planned to be there at a certain time to have a picnic as well. Unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic in Interstate 676 west bound. The estimated hour and a half drive became more than a three hour drive. Each of us in different cars and stuck at a different point in the route. We all abandoned the highway and found our way along the secondary routes.

We just thought to ourselves that we were lucky because if one of us were earlier, one of us might be in that unfortunate accident.

Along the way I noticed from a distance a reactor and I soon found out that it was the Three Mile Island reactor. The same one that had an accident years ago. From a distance it looked enormous and I can just imagine how huge it is up close.

The Shrine of Padre Pio is a homage of the Calandra family for the miraculous cure of their daughter that was attributed to Padre Pio. This priest was well known for his stigmata as well as the gift of healing. Back in the sixties, their daughter was not given any chance to live long after doctors removed her bladder after a surgery due to an illness. After their visit to Padre PIo in Italy, doctors saw her bladder growing back and the doctors were amazed and has no explanation. You may not believe in miracles but you have to visit and watch the short video of the story. They also have a museum in the shrine.

The picture above was a five shot HDR but chose to do a post process of making it a pseudo painting. Other pictures I took in the shrine can be seen by clicking here.


night swimming

night swimming

night swimming

The picture shown above was taken the first week of August this year. It was a the birthday of a friend’s son. They decided to do a pig roast, however, I was not able to get that picture because I was still at work when they roasted a whole pig.

After work, I went straight to their house and had my fill of all the food they had during that occasion. Though, there was still half of the pig left it was pretty obvious that most of them liked the skin (that is usually is the case). I did not eat much of the roasted pig (they call it lechon in our language).

After I ate, I rested and played basketball with the kids. I really need to work on my cardio because I get easily winded. Towards that evening I went out to my car and grabbed a light stand and setup two flashes (both setup at 1/4 power) and did several shots of kids as well as adults jumping into the water, click here to see other shots. This was my first time to use my Sony Alpha 99V DSLT for night shooting. It was a learning experience to use an electronic view finder at night as opposed to the optical view finder in my Sony Alpha 850 DSLR. It was fun but I had to pack up early because it started to drizzle.



I was checking my blog and saw this unpublished post from May 2012. The pictures were taken in one of our Gloucester County Photography Club meeting. Our club meets every 3rd Wednesday of each month and we discuss various topics as well as activities. On this particular day, we met at Auletto’s catering for a photo shoot. There were two models and we had two shooting stations. In my station, i used two saberstrips with Yong-No flashes on light stands.

I used a cross lighting to light Sage. I believe I had the flash power set to quarter. Also, in the picture shown above the other photographer brought out his flashlight and lit up the model’s face while I did a quick shoot. My camera was in manual and I had to take a test shot then retake again after I made the necessary adjustment.

I did some post processing in lightroom and used photobacks templates.