After our dinner at Carmine’s in Tropicana, we were invited to spend the night at a friend’s unit at Wyndham. The unit that they booked had a great view of Revel (the new hotel and casino they added in AC) as well as the Taj Majal.

Even though I had fear of heights, I setup my tripod at the balcony and it was just outside the sliding door (for fear of dropping the gears not to mention my phobia). I did a test shot and then decided to do several shots but not to be processed as HDR. I used photoshop to merge all the shots and then bring it back to lightroom and did the final process there. In lightroom, it gave me a huge range from -10 to +10 exposure, as compared to the standard -4 to +4, this method I picked up from Matt Kloskowski.

If you like to try this, just follow the simple steps: (1) shoot the scene like you would do an HDR; (2) import the pictures in lightroom; (3) select all the pictures of the scene you took and; (4) edit in merge to hdr pro in photoshop; (5) it will open up the hdr window, however, the only thing you need to do is leave it 32 bits and check the ghosting (to remove ghosts); (5) click ok and then do file save; (6) the file will be saved back in lightroom and all you need to do is process the picture and you will notice that you will have a great range; (7) process the picture to your heart’s content.



outside carmine’s at tropicana

Last 22 September 2012, we were invited to celebrate Ate Kaye’s 21st birthday celebration in Atlantic City. We went at Tropicana and dined at Carmines. It was crowded and we were able to find time to take a few shots outside Carmine while waiting to be seated.

The picture shown here was my wife (the one on the left) and her sister. The settings I had here was F/2.8 at 1/20 second and with an ISO of 800. I was using my trusted Sony Alpha 850 and thought I would try to use high ISO. I did not use my flash and I used my Sony 50 mm F/1.4 lens.