ninjago: zane

ninjago: zane

A few months ago, I bought this lego toy at Wal-Mart. Well I was doing my grocery run one afternoon on my way home from work. I thought to myself, let me visit the toy section and buy something either for collecting or just a subject to take picture off. I need some thing to shoot at, well they say practice practice practice. I assembled the two lego ninja, one good guy and the other the bad guy. Pictured here is the good guy, Zane. I put him on a white box on a window ledge. Using available light, I had to expose for him and that causes the background to be blown out. I also had my aperture wide open at F/4.

fortune cookie

chinese fortune cookie

Do you like fortune cookie? I don’t mind getting one after a Chinese meal, it is entertaining to open one up and read what it contains. You get some words of wisdom, a Chinese word translation and the most important of all, the lottery number. Have you ever wondered how they stuff this small piece of paper in each cookie? I am. How do they do it? Must be a tedious process to insert these pieces of paper inside the cookie as well as coming up with those words of wisdom and random numbers.

One afternoon, I bought lunch from a Chinese restaurant for take out and as expected there is a fortune cookie wrapped in plastic. I usually crack the cookie and eat the cookie itself and read what’s in the paper. Honestly, I think I have tried using the number in the lottery. Guess what, I did not win.

This time, I kept the cookie in the plastic wrapper and thought of just saving it. Afterwards, during some down time at work I thought of taking a picture then I realized I have a cookie. What I did was take the cookie out of the plastic wrapper and cracked it and set it on my desk like the way you see in this picture. I had my camera set wide open to blur everything out but the cookie. You will probably notice though that even some part of the cookie was soft or blurry.

Well, the word of wisdom may work well for all who have temper issues: “When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry then a hundred.”

hard rock cafe shoot

hard rock cafe

Last month, I did two private event shoot at Hard Rock Cafe. During the first shoot, I was surprised at how the restaurant has changed. They have added a new room facing the interior of the gallery and they can open or close up the glass windows, it was pretty amazing. I have taken five exposures of the picture displayed here, and since I did not bring my tripod with me I had to do the shots hand holding the camera.