The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. Instead they allow the medium to master them and go on an endless squirrel cage chase from new lens to new paper to new developer to new gadget, never staying with one piece of equipment long enough to learn its full capacities, becoming lost in a maze of technical information that is of little or no use since they don’t know what to do with it. – Edward Weston

I have read the above paragraph (if you can call it that) from a ONELIGHT sticker. I can say that for myself, it’s true. I have been a gadget freak for the early part in my photography, and up to now I drool at the sight of new device. However, I have learned to restrain myself and not to be impulsive. Now, one body and one lens is all I carry all the time and I am working on my composition and right exposure. I will only change lens if I need to and if the situation warrants it; I will use a flash (on or off camera) when I have to. I will buy this or that when I have a need not just a want.

I am now practicing to get the exposure spot on with one or a couple of takes and with less post processing. What I have done and learned from the past is that I am no longer a machine gun shooter who chimps at every shot. Just like any other things, you can get better with what you want to do if you are constantly practicing and practicing. It is true that some individuals are awesome withn their craft even if they only started doing it, but for the rest of us practice makes perfect. We learn from the mistakes and that is what experience tells us. With the help of tons of materials from web and books (other photographers), we get better.



feet and puddle

I wanted to post this picture that I took early this summer after a strong down pour. This was taken at the Dizon’s residence when we were invited for dinner. After I parked the car, I saw this puddle of water and called my son to do jumps on it as I try to capture the action.

Well, it was hard to ask my son to do it and I think all in all I only had three exposures and he told me that he don’t want to do it anymore. I guess next time I need to bribe him to model for me.

My setup, if I remember correctly:

Vivitar 285 at 1/4 power on a light stand; F/2.8 at 1/400 sec and ISO 200; and I used a sony 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. I also used my SONY ALPHA 850 and I really love this camera and I hope they come up with a wireless radio trigger like that of the Pocket Wizard’s Flex TTL for Nikon and Canon.


I was browsing my FACEBOOK and saw this posting about atheism:

The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense, don’t you think…

This gave me a chuckle big time.

Here’s another one: If there is no oxygen in outer space, then how does the sun burn?

Well we all know that if there is no oxygen, there is no fire. As an experiment, light a candle in a jar then when it is lit cover it using the lid, what happens? Precisely the fire dies.

I saw these two postings in Frank Cimatu’s posts.


Today, we sent off our son to the airport on his way to the World Youth Day in Madrid. Though, the World Youth Day starts on the 16th of August 2011 their group will arrive earlier to visit religious sites in Portugal, Spain and France. On behalf of my family we thanked all the people who has contributed to sponsor my son to be able to attend such a priceless experience. He will be away for two weeks and he will really be deeply missed at home.

This is his first time to travel alone and to spend a long time away from his family. We are excited for him at the same time worry about his well being while he’s there. I know that he will be in God’s hands on this trip, for the event is to give Him praise and to show that the youth of the world still has a strong faith and devotion to Him. I also know that the brothers and sisters of the Alliance of the Holy Family International will take care of him and all the participants in their group, as well as Ryan who will be with them on this trip.

It was a mixed emotion on my part because this will be his first time to be away and there is so much distance between us. We had to wait at the airport until he got through the security as well as his company: Dariel and Ryan. We talked on the phone several times before his flight and gave him pieces of advise of what to do and not to do, on top of conversation prior to this. Tips on how to be vigilant in a new environment. But in the end, there is only so much that you can say and teach him but he must walk through it and experience them first hand and learn from it. Also, difficult it may be a parent needs to learn to trust their children. He is an intelligent person and he needs to learn to be smart as well.

This experience for him will be priceless for he will be able to use this for what is ahead of him in a year or so, college. Same goes for me and my wife, we need to learn how to release the leash and trust him to be who he wants to be. I am going to miss him this two weeks. However, I will just have to say to myself that he’s just up in his room as he usually is everyday…


I have posted a couple of weeks ago in FACEBOOK that I have accidentally reformatted my compact flash card with two weeks worth of pictures. How it happened, I have no recollection. But how I found out was by accident. We visited a friend in a hospital one weekend and I took some shots, when I chimped on the pictures I noticed the shot count and there I lost pictures I took in Wildwood during my daughter’s birthday outing as well as shots I did in Philadelphia when my brother visited before heading to Italy.

Just last week, Mer, a friend called me and told me to check out the and search for a recovery application. I found this program Wondershare Photo Recovery and at first I thought it was rubbish, however, after I ran a few passes on my compact flash it was able to recover even pictures i took after 3 or 4 reformats ago. Awesome, and what is more amazing is it was free.

I will be posting the pictures that I have recovered after I do some post process on them.

mini reunion

mini reunion

(please click picture for gallery)

A few of us, BS ECE class ’89 from Saint Louis Univesity, saw each other after 22 years. Tolitz (the host), Prudelaine, Sharon, Jun and myself had a get together in Robinsville, NJ. Sharon came down from Canada; Pruds was a few minutes away from Tolitz; and Jun and myself came from south of New Jersey. Not to mention new found friends as well as family members joined the small gathering.

We had lots of fun talking and discussing things about camera and photography, surprisingly. We barely talked about what happened back in our college days. I guess when everybody has the same interests they tend to gravitate to talk about it and the rest will just be secondary.

Of course, the host prepared lots of food courtesy of En-En (Tolitz’s wife – i hope I got the name right) and each brought something. We ate and talk and of course took snaps for souvenirs.

Tolitz and Pruds are Nikonians, Jun is a Canonian and I am a Sony shooter. I grabbed a couple of light stands and strobes and one umbrella. Triggered the flash using pocket wizards. We took turns using the setup and the picture here is just one of the many I took. If you like to see the rest just click here.

Outside My Office Window

Land Rover

Land Rover Parking

My office is at the back of the Land Rover dealership and just outside my office window is the parking for their vehicles. One afternoon before I went home, I grabbed my camera because it was getting dark out and the cloud formation was dramatic. Selected Manual mode in my Sony Alpha 200, I usually shoot in manual except in cases wherein I need to shoot fast then I will select either Aperture priority or Shutter priority, and dialled this setting: F/8 at 1/4 sec using Sigma EX DG Macro at 70mm.

I then did a minor post processing in Lightroom 3 for a little curve adjustment and some localized adjustment as well.