2014 deptford high school spring concert

spring concert

spring concert

I was on time coming back home to the US because after a few days my daughter had the spring concert. She plays the flute for the wind ensemble, however, during that concert she also had to play with other group for the combined performance.

I commend the music program of Deptford because the music teachers are so dedicated. Even though the budget had been slashed for multiple years now, the teachers used their own resources to make due for their respective programs. Click here to see the pictures I took and videos of their performances.

2014 saint margaret annual carnival

We were asked to volunteer during the week of the carnival which the parish hosts yearly. On the second night of the volunteer, it was a Friday, I went to enjoy myself at the carnival because the night I volunteered I was stationed to take care of the long ball basketball shoot. That night was my friends turn. I was using GoPro 3+ and I was just testing out the quality. After I have uploaded the videos I was so satisfied with the quality. You can see for yourself in the above video or you can click here for the rest of the clips I took.

from home to work

Shown Above is my typical commute from home to work. Travel time is usually 30 minutes without traffic, about 14 miles one way. The video was taken using the back route because the highway proved to be always backed up during early morning commute.

My primary purpose for this upload is to show and share my daily commute to my parents and families so that they would have a sense of how the drive here. I know in the Philippines, specifically Manila, it’s pretty chaotic and it seems that there’s no order. The video was edited to be fast because you don’t want to stare at your computer for the actual time I spent driving, would you?