trip to cebu day 1

cebu tour group

Cebu is a province in central part of the Philippines, approximately an hour flight from Manila. The trip was all expenses paid: flight; hotel; food and tour. Thank you Ellen. This trip was several days and a year ago to the day.

Though it was a short visit, the experience was memorable. We left Manila early in the morning, before dawn and landed in Cebu International Airport while it was still dark. We were picked up and we then visited the Basilica of Sto. Niño (Church of the Child Jesus). We were dropped off to attend the mass. I did not understand the mass since it was celebrated in their native dialect. Side bar: Philippines is a small country but comprised of about 7,200 islands and there may be as many dialects as well.

The Sto. Niño was brought by the Spaniards more than 300 some years ago led by Magellan. That was the start of Spanish colonization of the Philippines and they brought Christianity. Well I will not go in details about that since you can use Google or hit the books to read about Philippine history.

Anyway, going back to our Cebu trip. We were warned to be attentive to all your belongings while in the church (inside or outside). After our church, we then went to buy some “pasalubong” (click on the word for some translation). Then proceeded to an old military fort.

We grabbed brunch on our way to a Buddhist temple. We ate Cebu Lechon which was praised by a lot of people who tried it. Honestly, nothing spectacular. I did not taste any difference from any lechon you buy in Manila. The only difference was the sauce they used to dip the lechon.

The Buddhist temple is way up in the mountain, and it was good that we have a van to drop us off and pick us up. Then after we headed to our hotel for the night. It was a very nice hotel with armed guards at the entrance. It took us several hours to get to our hotel due to traffic and to think that Cebu was not huge (about 121 square miles).

We spent the rest of the day at the hotel just walking around and going to the beach. At night, there were great food and a show for entertainment. Click here for the rest of the pictures or click the above picture.

last day in canada


I have forgotten to talk about Cooper, our dog. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier and we brought him along with us to Canada. My daughter took a picture of him while we were crossing the border. We were telling him that he does not have a passport and he may be detained. His face was so worried and  when we were at the security gate, he went down my daughter’s lap and under her legs. It was his first time leaving the country, but he always tag along with us when we’re going on  a long trip.

We left him at a kennel somewhere near Niagara. The place was great, each dog gets to sleep on a bed (like a little tyke’s car bed). Can’t wait to pick up Cooper after being away for so long. We still have some time to kill before we picked him up, and we went to see Niagara’s Park Butterfly Conservation. My kids went to see the butterfly while my wife and I went to stroll in the garden. She brought her lanzones (a Filipino fruit she bought last night in Toronto), she might as well eat those since she won’t be able to bring them across the border.

We met up with the kids and strolled the other side of the garden and took pictures as we strolled along. After that long walk, we then took late lunch and went to pick up Cooper, who for the first time did not want to leave the kennel. We guessed he liked to be with Canadian dogs and the kennel. Please click here for the pictures or just click the picture above.

Second day in Canada

mist riders

After our free breakfast at the hotel we headed out to our 2nd day in Canada. We strolled by the nearby Buddhist temple to kill some time before our 2nd boat ride back to the mist. We took most pictures outside in the harsh sunlight since there are no videos or photos allowed inside the temple. My wife and I took a guided tour inside their temple and learned something about their religion while the kids just sat outside and waited for us.

Back at the falls, there were more people since weather was better than yesterday. Much warmer and the sun was out. I would suggest to take the day time ride to mist than at night. You get to enjoy the scenery better during the day. However, the queue was so long and it took forever.

After spending another day at the falls, we decided to drive to Toronto. The traffic was not bad and as usual parking was always the same when you go to the city. Though compared to Philadelphia or New York, Toronto was okay. I was surprised that the city was so different from the last time I visited. There were no more open spaces where you can stroll outside the CN tower. They were not able to go up the tower that time since the line was long and it was closing time. We just walked around and enjoyed the surroundings. We decided to take a cab to grab dinner, and guess what my wife decided to visit some Asian market for some fruits before we went to some shabu-shabu restaurant (hot pot). It was eat all you can and you get discount for paying American dollars.

Driving back to Niagara was a challenge after eating so much food, I felt like sleeping. But thanks be to God I did not and got back to our hotel safe and sound. Please click here for photos taken that day.


sedona, arizona

red rock

red rock

I can tick off one more state in my list of visited states in America. The first time I came here, I told myself that I will try to visit each and every contiguous state since I can drive to each one of them.

I can say that Sedona, Arizona is far better than Las Vegas. I know this is debatable because different people have different opinions and different likes and dislikes. Yes I know there are a lot of things in Vegas if that is your kind of thing but personally, being with nature is far better.

GPS displayed that Sedona was about 4 hours from Las Vegas and I thought that we could get there faster, but it was not so. Just miles after Nevada-Arizona border changed the whole thing. The first scenic stop was amazing and next and the next, only to find out that it was getting dark. No regrets because it was once in a lifetime experience.

It was unfortunate with my passengers that they did not have a choice since they were not driving. We had to stop at every scenic stop along the way en route to Sedona. Well, I guess it also benefited my passengers so that they can take their obligatory shots and selfies for Facebook. As for my shots, I still have no idea when I can post them or even get to them.

Case and point, I am just posting this after months of taking them. Don’t get me wrong I still love to take pictures but I guess it is the work that takes most of my time. I need to get back to when I was feeling naked if I did not have my camera with me.

Back on this topic, the drive was not boring and if all the roads that I will be traveling on will be the same then I would not mind at all. What caught my attention along the way aside from the view was a young black girl carrying something on her back on the far right side of the highway. I did not know where she came from or where she’s going since there were no houses or towns that I can see for miles. Or was it just a mirage, may be my mind was playing tricks on me like some scene in a Western movie.

More to come about Sedona trip, for now click here for the first day of our Arizona trip.


hoover dam

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

It was hot when we got there, what can you expect in the desert. Surprisingly better than the summer wether in Philadelphia, I would take the 100 + degrees in Nevada over 90 + degrees in Philadelphia. I guess it was all about humidity.

This was my second time to visit Nevada but my first time to this modern marvel, the Hoover Dam. I just cannot imagine the engineering accomplishment as well as people’s hardwork in building such a structure. I have to admit that being there was an experience.

Of course, this involved a lot of walking and drinking lots of fluids. I did not take a lot of pictures not because it was noon time but I just like the walk and appreciate this structure, not to mention that there were a lot of people, excuses excuses.

Overlooking Hoover Dam was the Mermorial Highway bridge as you can see from the picture. You need to do a hike to get to the bridge and oh boy it’s vibrating when you are walking on the bridge. Unfortunately, due to my fear of heights that I wan not able to take the best position for the perfect Hoover Dam shot. Click here to see the gallery.

However, what stood the most was the story about the “Dam Dog”. There was a dog that strayed at the work site and the workers adopted him. The dog accompanied them at work and went home with them as well. Each day on their way to work, the dog carried his own food in a brown bag.  Unfortunately, the dog was run over by a truck. The dog was taking a rest under the truck for some shade and the driver did not notice. The dog was buried at the site and was given his own memorial at the Hoover Dam.

Sinjin’s Graduation



happy graduation

My son graduated last month and we are so thankful to God for his accomplishment and proud of his completion. I know that my parents and other relatives, who were not able to witness the ceremony were also celebrating with us on their own way.

I have witnessed my son’s journey through college, how he worked hard through his personal ups and downs in school and outside the school. He was able to balance his academic life with his personal life. I have seen his transformation from high school life to college life and how he coped with the adjustment.

Surprisingly, the graduation ceremony was not over the top and it was not as big as other colleges or universities. It was over in 3 hours. I could have sworn that the attendance was a little over than his high school graduation which lasted almost the same time.

As usual I have to take pictures. The one above was a rushed shot before he left for the graduation. He had to leave earlier than us. You can click this here to take a look at the rest of the pictures during the graduation and after.

Now that he’s closing this chapter in his life, another one opens and I am just praying to God that he will be able to go through it with less frustrations and pains. We all know that it is not always a bed of roses when you start working, but with right attitude and with God’s grace it can be. Though, I am praying that in due time that he will find a job that he will enjoy and love.


longwood garden (winter 2015)


yellow flower macro

It has been months since I visited this website, funny thing, this is my website. I really thought that I would be able to put stuff up in here about photos I took and write up a little something, but it was easier said than done.

The picture above and the pictures in the gallery link were taken last year at Longwood Garden. We took my mother-in-law and her grandson to this garden last year when they arrived from the Philippines. It was my first time in a long time that I held my Sony A900.

Aside from the camera, I brought with me a monopod, an off-camera flash, and wireless trigger (forgot that I only took the lens that was on my camera at that time – 100 mm f/2.8 macro lens). I took obligatory shots of people I was with at that time. However, I was on my own most of the time and was taking pictures of anything that interested me. I hoped that I had brought my tripod with me to get tack sharp macro pictures of flowers and plants.

I only hope that after a long time of my hiatus that I can still take good pictures. I also hope that I will pick up my camera more often and practice more. I have heard that to be good at something, you need to do it a lot (say invest 10,000 hours).

I miss going to Gloucester County Photography Club, the people there are awesome. One of these days, I will stop by and pay them a visit to get motivated and boost to pick up my gear and just shoot.

Don’t Steal My Bicycle

chained bicycle

chained bicycle

It was during Pope Francis visit to Philadelphia when I took this picture. It was Saturday and we rode the PATCO from Lindelwold to Philly. Security was tight at Lindenwold and Philadelphia was so much more. There were a lot of armed security from all branches of government (uniformed and non-uniformed).

Well, strolling along the city was some what a joy because there were no traffic in the streets but there were a lot of pedestrians. My kids and myself were walking towards the park in the middle of the street like everybody who visited. I happened to see this chained bicycle to a light post and what struck me was the wheel was bent and I thought to myself that even if was not chained I would not think somebody would steal it.

Was the person who rode that bicycle got into an accident and just chained it with the intent of retrieving it later or was it caused by some person with no regard to personal property. In any case, it was worth the shot for any purpose, but at the moment for the purpose of jump starting my blog.

When I was not working it was difficult to work on my blog because I was so busy looking for a job and attending classes. However, when I finally found a job it was the same thing, I was busy adjusting with my new job and learning things that were still new to me. In addition to taking work home to get ahead.

I need to get back into shooting as well as getting my pictures off the card and process them. Me and my excuses.

the office

the office

the office

I really enjoyed watching the series of “The Office“, and today was the last episode. I was sucked into watching this when I saw my kids watching the reruns they recorded . They suggested that I need to watch it from the beginning to understand or try to understand what the show was about.

I usually am picky watching TV series because as what Sheldon Cooper said in one of the “The Big Bang Theory” episode, “it’s a commitment”. I was glad to see the whole series because of the story or even the characters the actors portrayed. There were some stand out characters in the series but other characters actually completed and complemented the main ones.

After watching the final episode, I was hoping that it did not end. The show was about shooting employees of a paper company for reality TV. The crew followed each and everyone of the employees in their daily routine in and out of the office. The show was an attempt to give the audience a glimpse of how to create a reality show. The show was scripted well to make you laugh, enjoy and in the cry. But don’t forget about the moral that you can take away. I could say more about the series but I don’t want to spoil this for others who haven’t seen the show.

Kid you not, this is like a really good book that you don’t want to put down until you finished reading the entire book. By the way, my kids told me that this was copied from the UK version of the same title. I have not seen that one yet and I may check it out.

Too Late

Christmas Group Photo 2014

Christmas Group Photo 2014

I fell off the grid.

I have not touched my camera in almost half a year because of a life changing event. I would like to put things back the way they were and hopefully by posting this picture I took last Christmas, it will ignite my passion back.

So much has passed and I cannot undo or get them back, but the only thing I can do is get up and start all over again.

This picture reminded me of what was and this picture was a slice in time that you cannot go back but only remember or reminisce. Some people you still see and others just fell off the way side, how you wished that things don’t change but they do. Because change is the only constant in our lives. The challenge is how to deal with changes that will come our way. Changes may be for the better or for the worse but just the same, changes. To those friends who I rarely see or has never seen, don’t be a stranger we are still friends. To see the picture bigger just click on it.

Here’s to starting my blog again and getting back into editing pictures.