infant jesus fall festival

Infant Jesus Parish invited its parishioners on their first ever fall family festival last September. There were free music courtesy of Ceili Rain (Irish band), face painting, games and various organizations in the parish came to promote and introduce their groups to the parishioners.

Shown above is a time lapse photography with about 300 shots. I was still trying familiarize myself with the feaures of the Sony Alpha 99. I know it can still do so much that I have not explored because I just limited myself in shooting mostly in manual. It was a fun night.

Our prayer group, the Alliance of the Two Hearts, had Filipino food for people to try with food carving displays and rubber bracelets and scapular. Please click here for other pictures and videos.




I was checking my blog and saw this unpublished post from May 2012. The pictures were taken in one of our Gloucester County Photography Club meeting. Our club meets every 3rd Wednesday of each month and we discuss various topics as well as activities. On this particular day, we met at Auletto’s catering for a photo shoot. There were two models and we had two shooting stations. In my station, i used two saberstrips with Yong-No flashes on light stands.

I used a cross lighting to light Sage. I believe I had the flash power set to quarter. Also, in the picture shown above the other photographer brought out his flashlight and lit up the model’s face while I did a quick shoot. My camera was in manual and I had to take a test shot then retake again after I made the necessary adjustment.

I did some post processing in lightroom and used photobacks templates.

hard rock cafe – pink october event

bangle's signed pink guitar

bangle’s signed pink guitar

We had another shoot at Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia, this time the event was for the breast cancer survivors. There was a silent auction that includes a signed pink guitar from the Bangles, and other great stuff. A fashion show was also held last night that features work from Chrissy Phillips and Duke & Winston. The students from the Art Institute of Philadelphia modeled the clothing with matching hair and make up done by Renee Fox Salon. The hosts of the show were Lori Wilson from NBC10 and Marilyn Russell from BEN FM.

The students strutted their way on the catwalk wearing the creation of Chrissy Phillips and Duke & Winston and there were speeches from the cancer survivors who attended the event. Indeed, this disease does not distinguish young or old as I’ve heard from the testimonies from one young and beautiful lady as well as from a young mother. The event also raised $1600 from the silent auction for the Young Survivor Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

Now, let’s talk about the lighting setup we used for the fashion shoot. We divided the catwalk into two sections: my friend shoots the stage using two light setup (one on each side mounted on a light stand fastened on to the pillars using gaffers tape); and i shoot the front end of the catwalk using a single light setup on a light stand nine feet high camera rear left. I have my camera set using ISO 400, aperture of F/4.5 and shutter speed of 1/20 second. I was also using on camera flash and bouncing it on a white card and angled it for direction. I used my trusted 50 mm F/1.4 lens and I did not have problems except when the models were moving so fast that I sometimes had focus mishaps. Overall, I am satisfied with my shots and I just used Lightroom to fix levels and fine tune the white balance.

jamie haack


ISO 200 F/8 1/160 second (click picture for gallery)

The Gloucester County College Photography Club meets every third Wednesday of the month and last June we had a dancer who modeled for us, Her name is Jamie Haack. She has a very flexible body and the poses she did were incredible. We setup a continuous paper and did a cross lighting, both lights used a 36″ softbox. I forgot the power dialed on both lights, but I think we metered it at F8.

There are several shooters and each has to take turn to shoot the subject. Since the lighting is pretty much set, the only thing you need to work on is how to direct the model and how to compose your shot. What I did was play on the aperture by closing and opening it thereby giving me different feel in my shots. However, I think I chose 1/160 second in most of my shots because it gave me what I like.

Going back to the shoot, I was using a Sony A850 and I had my favorite lens attached, Sony 100 mm F/2.8. I like this lens so much that it’s my go to lens for portraiture. Though, in that shoot it was difficult to use because of the space. I cannot move farther because I will have immovable objects in my shot and I don’t want to deal with it in the post process. I like to get it right in the camera the first time and less post process later.

Hope I did our dancer/model justice with these shots.